Upholstery Cleaning Riverside CA

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning Riverside CADave the Carpet Cleaner is proud to offer premium upholstery cleaning in the Riverside area.  I can clean almost any type of fiber, synthetics or natural. I carry a variety of effective cleaning procedures for upholstery. After testing the fabric for colorfastness, I will determine exactly how your piece should be cleaned. The fabric is pre-vacuumed, pre-treated, and rinsed with my very low moisture method. My trucks carry a wide verity of pre-conditioners and the tools needed to perform the proper cleaning.

Dave the Carpet Cleaner is IICRC certified. Upon a thorough inspection, I will determine the proper cleaning procedure for your specific needs. I also apply Fine Fabric Protector to ensure your fine fabrics continue to have lasting beauty between cleanings. From heavy soiled to light cleaning, my cleaning process is designed to restore your furniture as close to its original condition as possible.

Mattress Cleaning Riverside CA

What are you sleeping with tonight? It could be fungal spores, mold, dust mites are a guarantee, and perhaps some body oils. Often, people become sick and cannot figure out why. They demonstrate allergy symptoms, but they are lost trying to understand the source.

There are a variety of cleaning processes I use and each is designed to tackle a specific problem or a number of problems. The products and equipment that I have are so numerous that I feel comfortable saying if it’s cleanable I will get it cleaned. If your mattress needs immediate attention I will respond immediately. Call me today!

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